Welcome to Moidart, Ardnamurchan and The Road To The Isles

Explore Moidart Ardnamurchan and MorarMoidart, Morar, Ardnamurchan and Morvern, a region which lies in the heart of the West Highlands of Scotland,  is renowned for its wild, beautiful, remote and rugged landscapes.  The region includes two National Scenic Areas, 10 Special Areas of Conservation, three Special Protection Areas and numerous SSSIs, on account of its stunning scenery and the richness of fauna and flora.  It lies within the Lochaber Geopark, an internationally important region for its geology and geomorphology.  Take a journey along The Road to the Isles into Ardnamurchan and The Rough Bounds.  A great place for a holiday and a stepping stone to the Isle of Skye, the Small Isles and Mull.  >>Explore more...



Walking in Moidart Ardnamurchan and Morar

Moidart, Ardnamurchan, Morar and Morvern support a wide range of outdoor pursuits. The area is particularly good for walking providing one of the most scenic, diverse and interesting 'walkingscapes' in the Highlands. There are also numerous cycle routes. Explore this stunning area by foot, bike, river and sea.

Places To Stay

Places to Say in Moidart Ardnamurchan and Morar

Moidart, Ardnamurchan, Morar and Morvern offer a range of holiday accommodation from intimate self catering cottages to large luxury houses, to bed and breakfasts to country house hotels.  The accommodation featured is some of the finest in the area set amidst stunning scenery.  Select from luxury accommodation to  accommodation championing  eco-tourism and wildlife encounters.


Explore Moidart Ardnamurchan and Morar

The historic fishing port of Mallaig provides ferry links to The Isle of Skye and the Small Isles (Canna, Eigg, Rum and Muck). The Isle of Mull can be reached from ferry ports on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula and Morvern. Take advantage of the new low cost ferry prices to carry out some island hopping this year.

Eating Out

Eating Out in Moidart, Ardnamurchan and on The Road to The Isles

There are many opportunities to sample the local Highland cuisine in Ardnamurchan, Morvern, Fort William and the Road to the Isle. The Highland cuisine at its best incorporates high quality, fresh, sustainably sourced, seasonal produce. There are a variety of places to eat out from fine dining hotels to local cafes and take-aways. Bon appetite!

Food & Crafts

Arts and Crafts in Moidart Ardnamurchan and Morar

The landscape, history and culture of the region have inspired many artists, musicians, artisans and writers alike, as well as serving as scenic backdrops to many films, including Local Hero and the Harry Potter movies. There are many opportunities to enjoy the local seasonal produce and the Highland cuisine, as well as arts and crafts inspired by the local landscape.


Wildlife in Moidart Ardnamurchan and Morar

Moidart, Ardnamurcharn and the Road to The Isles support a rich fauna and flora including some of the UK’s rarest and internationally important wildlife, such as golden eagle, sea eagle, otter, pine marten, wild cat and red squirrel as well as the magnificent red deer. Find out more by visiting our wildlife hotspots and wildlife experiences pages.


History in Moidart Ardnamurchan and Morar

Moidart, Ardnamurchan, Morar and Morvern are steeped in history, as evidenced by its historic castles, townships and monuments. Immerse yourself in the romance and history of the region by exploring ruined medieval castles and ancient monuments, museums and interpretation centres.  Experience the Magic of Moidart yourself...

Things to Do

Things to Do in Moidart Ardnamurchan and Morar

If you are looking for adventure... really looking for adventure... then Moidart, Ardnamurchan and The Road to the Isles may be the place for you.  Marvel at spectacular landscapes, visit historic attractions, enjoy glorious gardens, relax on sandy beaches, get active in the water, or seek out some of Scotland’s most iconic wildlife by land, loch and sea.  Adventures await...

Local Services

Service Directory for Moidart Ardnamurchan and Morar

Check out our searchable service directory to find the nearest swimming pool, gift shop, post office, tourist information, doctor or dentist. There is also a selection of the local crafts and produce outlets. Each amenity is located on an interactive map, with address, phone number and opening times. Stay connected wherever you are......